About Us
Montgomery Miller
Founder and Creative Director

After nearly 10 years of working within large corporate systems, I have recognized a growing need in many companies for creative marketing solutions and subjective analysis from outside, unrestrained by the internal limitations and politics of the organization. I also felt the time had arrived for me to expand my range of opportunity to provide companies, both established and developing, with innovative and appropriate marketing and branding solutions .

Over the past decade I have seen a steady downsizing of many companies (perhaps yours is one of them) in order to boost profitability. In many cases, the marketing department is one of the first areas to feel these cuts. Marketing has, in my experience, often been considered a “necessary evil” and more of an afterthought than a strategic part of the business planning process.

As a result, internal marketing departments are often reduced down to a skeleton crew with little time or resources to do much more than maintain the programs that are already in place. Under such conditions, critical analyses of current and long-range marketing strategies may be neglected. Innovations and creative solutions fall by the wayside, while overworked marketers tread water just maintaining the status quo.

Our Commitment
While carefully considering your budget, staff and production resource limitations and strengths, Quantum Elements Marketing will thoroughly examine your organization’s specific needs and develop a strategic and scalable program comprised of creative solutions to address those needs. Quantum Elements Marketing is dedicated to achieving the highest possible Return on Investment for its clients.

To achieve this goal, I have carefully selected a team of highly specialized strategic alliance partners from which to draw. Together, this group represents an extraordinary range of capabilities and has the potential to implement a vast array of strategic marketing programs. Each of these partners has demonstrated their expertise and integrity through the successful execution of numerous projects and campaigns for which I have been responsible.

As the producer, director and project manager, it is my responsibility to evaluate your organization’s needs. Then, based on time and available resources, I will provide a comprehensive set of strategic recommendations and assemble the appropriate team of partners to implement those recommendations.

Whether you require a single marketing element or a comprehensive, integrated marketing and advertising campaign complete with radio, television, web, print and collateral development, Quantum Elements Marketing will develop appropriate and dynamic solutions to meet your needs.

Creative Development
My time within corporate marketing helped me to understand how important it is for organizations to have a constant stream of new ideas bubbling up, either from within or from outside the company, in order to stay fresh and competitive. In some companies, internal marketer’s creative juices can be stifled when corporate politics and management positioning emerge as dominant drivers. Unrealistic deadlines, budget limitations and an endless stream of non-productive meetings, all result in a loss of creative consciousness. The creative members of your organization should never be afraid to stand up and say, “hey, what about this idea?” but they often are.

A close friend shared with me that the head of marketing at her company had decided to call an off-site meeting to brainstorm creative ideas for the upcoming launch of various company initiatives. They met in a luxurious suite at a prominent hotel at a substantial cost to the company. Following a sumptuous breakfast, they sequestered themselves into a large meeting room complemented with vaulted ceilings and vast areas of open space to allow for “free expression” and creative “brainstorming.” Before getting started, the department head stood up and began to explain the rules and restrictions to be applied to the brainstorming portion of the meeting. By the time the rules were laid down, there wasn’t a creative thought left in the room.

Budgetary and resource limitations not-withstanding, truly creative thinking requires a spark or two and an unrestricted stream of consciousness. In other words, allow the creative process to blossom first, then select the best, most implementable concept and scale it to fit the real-world limitations every organization must adapt to.