Your brand is the cornerstone of your company’s positioning in the marketplace. How your brand is integrated into your marketing materials, advertising and product packaging will strongly impact the position your brand holds in the mind of the prospect or customer. How your brand is strategically aligned with other brands can have a dramatic impact on your brands perceived credibility.

Quantum Elements Marketing will conduct a careful review and an analysis of your brand’s current positioning. Through this review process we will find any gaps in continuity that may exist between your printed materials, web site and intranet, merchandising, advertising, internal marketing and corporate presentation tools.

Through the years, as companies evolve and grow, different marketing teams come and go, leaving their particular influence behind. Various advertising agencies are hired to create materials or develop a project and then are replaced. The result is often a potpourri of mismatched materials that lack continuity or any common thread.

The effect of this disconnection between the important elements in your corporate branding is a watering down, or thinning of your brand’s impact. Weaving your brand carefully through every level of your organization’s marketing, merchandising and advertising will strengthen your brand and its ability to maintain a strategically favorable position in the marketplace.

Brand Identity/Logo Development
With an assortment of award winning artists and graphic designers to select from, Quantum Elements Marketing will revamp your current branding or develop an entirely new brand identity for use in conjunction with brand extensions, new product launches and emerging brands.

Branded Apparel Programs
Working with one of America’s premiere branded apparel providers, Quantum Elements Marketing will develop a fully customized program for your organization. Your program will include specific apparel lines selected just for your organization and the very best online ordering solution available.

Brand Continuity
Quantum Elements Marketing will look carefully at every area where your branding is present, and the areas where it is not present, but should be. Carefully consider all of your printed materials, your web site, intranet, premium items, marketing and advertising materials, TV, Radio, training materials, and ask yourself if your branding is correctly represented throughout. If not, Quantum Elements Marketing can identify and implement the most professional and cost effective solutions available.