CD/DVD Development

Perhaps your company is developing, or planning to develop CDs and/or DVDs for a variety of uses. Whether your project is for internal use only or destined for distribution to a network of branch offices, retail locations, franchise locations, corporate offices, prospects or customers, there are many potential complications. Developing such projects internally can consume valuable staff and resources. In addition, critical technical considerations can be neglected, leading to disappointing results. Quantum Elements Marketing has developed dozens of dual-platform CDs and multimedia DVDs for use in conjunction with training programs, marketing campaigns, templated marketing collateral (for use with both offset and digital output devices), corporate presentations and sales tools, in-store and trade show presentations, an so on. For quality multimedia CD and DVD development, you can trust Quantum Elements Marketing to produce a finished product that will function on both Mac OS and Windows platforms, and on practically every computer or DVD viewing device known. Whether you need one or one million CDs/DVDs produced, Quantum Elements Marketing has alliance partners with duplication capabilities for every size project and budget.

Corporate Training
Quantum Elements Marketing can write and develop a variety of corporate training programs for use and distribution on CDs. More sophisticated multimedia programs that might include digital photographs, digital audio, video and high-resolution graphic elements will require DVD mastering. Or, Quantum Elements Marketing can transform your existing, outdated and bulky training binders, which are difficult to update and expensive to ship, into visually compelling and easy to update, powerful training CDs or DVDs that are very inexpensive to ship.

Digital Product Catalogs
Product catalogs are expensive to print and costly to ship. Quantum Elements Marketing can take your existing product catalog(s) and transform them into lightweight, interactive digital product catalogs with integrated links to your web site and online ordering and inventory tracking systems. Hard copy, printed product catalogs may still be useful in marketing to consumers and prospects for developing trial-usage, but using digital product catalogs in conjunction with your existing distributors and customer base can result in substantial savings.

Multimedia DVD
Who are you and what products, services or opportunities does your company represent? What is the nature and importance of your brand? Why is your organization a good investment for its shareholders? Why not tell your story with a sophisticated, easy-to-update, multimedia DVD? Quantum Elements Marketing has extensive experience working in both the retail distribution and corporate environments. When getting your message across to a sophisticated audience requires making a serious impression, you can look for the best return on your investment with a powerful, multimedia DVD from Quantum Elements Marketing.