Media Promotions

One of the most powerful tools for driving traffic into your business or to your web site is a well-planned media promotion. Quantum Elements Marketing has over a decade of experience developing and launching media promotions at local, regional and national levels. Media promotions are not only an excellent way to build traffic but they offer a perfect mechanism for gathering important customer/consumer/prospect data for use in personalized, customer specific marketing. Based on your goals and budget, Quantum Elements Marketing will develop a sophisticated media promotion for use in conjunction with Radio, TV, Print or online media vehicles.

Sweepstakes Development
Setting up an appropriate and successful sweepstakes can be a challenge. Determining what prizes to offer, obtaining those prizes, partnering with other brands, deciding which media is appropriate and affordable, setting up the sweepstakes rules—these are just some of the complex elements that are required to launch a successful media promotion. Quantum Elements Marketing can assist you with all phases of development, from concept to implementation and follow-up.

Market Promotions
There are many instances when you will want to test an emerging brand in a specific region or market rather than launching nationwide. This is especially true where a developing franchise or retail company is concerned. When developing a new product, business or brand, a highly targeted, strategic market promotion can be one of the keys to a successful launch. Quantum Elements Marketing has extensive experience in developing creative, cost effective local market promotions and will work closely with you to develop just the right program to suit you needs and budget.

Web Drivers
The internet is without question one of the most powerful marketing tools available today—when utilized properly. Without the proper drivers, the most carefully crafted, most attractive web site ever designed will remain nothing more than a pretty island adrift in a vast cyber-sea. After careful evaluation, Quantum Elements Marketing will develop specific recommendations for driving traffic to your web site.