Strategic Marketing

Quantum Elements Marketing believes that in order to make the best use of your marketing dollars, a highly targeted, multitiered or “layered” marketing strategy will have the greatest impact and potential for building profitable sales volume. The type of business, demographic and psychographic profile of your primary target customer base, range of distribution, specific goals for expansion, combined with available resources will steer the strategic marketing plan.

Are you rolling out new locations nationwide, launching a new product, penetrating a new market, reinforcing brand recognition or repositioning an existing brand, developing a new brand, or simply building upon your current market share?

There are many questions to be asked and often some of the key questions may be missed in an internal-only review. Quantum Elements Marketing will provide a fresh perspective on the critical questions that will provide the groundwork for your company’s strategic marketing plan.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns
An integrated marketing campaign is a key ingredient to developing brand continuity across markets and channels of distribution. Whether your business is retail or business-to-business, focuses on products or is primarily service oriented, an integrated campaign takes all of the key campaign theme elements and weaves them throughout the media, marketing collateral, direct response and other support materials to form a cohesive, well coordinated campaign. Quantum Elements Marketing has experience in developing integrated campaigns in both the corporate owned retail and franchise environments. Working with a variety of highly successful and creative specialists, Quantum Elements Marketing will develop an integrated marketing campaign designed to fit your company’s strategic goals and budget requirements.

Market/Product/Position Analysis
If you are like many organizations, finding the right solutions is often a matter of asking the right questions. What is your market? Are you targeting the right market? Is your product packaging and placement as effective as it should be? How is your product/service positioned against your competition? Who are your competitors? Are you defining and establishing your market strategy to drive the market or are you always reacting to your competitors? Quantum Elements Marketing will help you to define the right questions that should be asked and then, to find the answers that will help clarify where you stand in the marketplace.

Business Planning/Marketing Plan Development
Quantum Elements Marketing will work with you to define the resources you have to work with, along with the goals, specific projects and key timelines required for the creation of a strategic roadmap to implementation. If you already have a budget and plan in place, Quantum Elements Marketing can help you to refine that plan in order to maximize your highest potential return on investment.

Budget Development
Every successful strategic marketing plan has a well crafted and carefully managed budget behind it. From setting up the specific line items, formulas and criteria for your budget, to evaluating estimated revenue streams and cash-flow, THE COMPANY will assist you at every level, in developing an advertising and marketing budget to meet your needs.