Variable Data Print

How important is it to speak to your customers in a more personal way—in a language that speaks to their needs and their tastes? With so many marketing messages to sort through on a daily basis—as many as 3000 or more messages daily—the clutter makes it difficult for anyone to stand out, much less be heard. Today, personalizing your direct response marketing efforts is not only important, but essential if you want to build strong customer relationships and maintain your position in the marketplace.

Consider that most customers quit doing business with you because they do not feel cared about. Others will perhaps be lured away by a competitor for any number of reasons. The solution is not necessarily to go out and create a truckload of new relationships, (although new business development is an essential part of a healthy marketing mix) but rather to build upon and strengthen your existing relationships. Strong relationships will allow you to build greater “share of customer.”

The key to building strong customer relationships is knowledge. The more you know about your customers, the better you are able to craft a personalized message that will have more meaning to them. Much of the information you need can be found in your current customer data base. Quantum Elements Marketing can evaluate your target market, assist you in acquiring a highly targeted data base, and then determine the most effective solutions for accessing and utilizing the relevant information contained in that data base.

Quantum Elements Marketing can then design an effective, highly personalized, sophisticated mailer or work with your existing design to deliver an impactful, personalized message to your customers and prospects.

One-to-One Marketing Solutions
Due to recent innovations in digital print technology and software solutions, affordable, variable data print is now available to every business as an alternative to traditional static mailers. Working with an established leader in the direct response marketing, database management and variable data print industry, Quantum Elements Marketing will evaluate your current direct response marketing program and develop specific recommendations for integrating personalized, variable data print to increase response rates

Database Acquisition
The backbone of every direct response marketing effort is in the data base. Although you may already have a current customer database brimming with valuable information, it may be limited in scope and lack essential data that would be useful in developing a more personalized approach to speaking with your customers. Perhaps you want to expand your current database to include specific vertical markets. Whatever the need, Quantum Elements Marketing will work with a variety of database resources to develop the appropriate criteria and then acquire a sophisticated, well-targeted database for use in enhancing all of your direct response marketing efforts.

Design Services
Once you have acquired a highly targeted data base, Quantum Elements Marketing can design a sophisticated variable print mailer and structure the data base to link selected text, photos and graphics, personalized for each recipient in your database. The power of variable data print can be applied to a variety of designs including postcards, brochures, proposals, reports, newsletters, catalogs—practically any document can be personalized and printed as a totally unique piece for each recipient