Virtual Binders

For many companies, the development, production and distribution of training materials, new product reference guides, sales training and support materials and corporate reports in the form of heavy, difficult to update binders, can be a very expensive proposition. Quantum Elements Marketing can take your existing binders and migrate the text, graphics, charts and other elements into a virtual binder that fits on a CD or DVD. Imagine linking images, digital video,, or internet/intranet pages to an interactive CD or DVD for real-time updates. CDs and DVDs are easy to update and far less costly to distribute than traditional, bulky binders. CDs and DVDs are perfect for lightweight, virtual sales kits that fit easily into a brief case and can be loaded onto a laptop for high tech, visually rich, presentations on the go.

Virtual Training Manuals
For any business with multiple locations or points of distribution, training manuals and support materials are an essential part of the program for growth and success. Quantum Elements Marketing can transform all of your training manuals and materials into interactive CDs or DVDs to streamline and improve your entire program while significantly reducing costs.

Virtual Sales Manuals
With a virtual sales manual from Quantum Elements Marketing, its possible to include templated sales sheets, pricing guides and product spec sheets that can be revised and printed on the fly to both Mac and PC platforms and on just about any digital output device anywhere. You can include links to an intranet site for up-to-the-minute updates, or even live online training events. Once your sales manuals and support materials are in a virtual binder, Quantum Elements Marketing can update these materials for redistribution as needed.

Virtual Annual Reports
The days of the heavy, expensive-to-ship, hard copy annual report are numbered. Today, your virtual annual report can be linked to impressive 3-D graphics, audio and video files, and even complete multimedia presentations. Your virtual annual report can even be linked to your intranet for live, updated financial information, or perhaps to the web sites of corporate alliance partners. Quantum Elements Marketing will work with you to develop a sophisticated, templated format for your virtual annual report that can be updated from year to year.